Alison M Smith

hci, information visualization, machine learning, computational linguistics


I design user interfaces and visualizations for interacting with complex algorithms and their results. My focus is on enhancing users' understanding and analysis of data without requiring expertise in data science or machine learning.
interface and visualization of genomic sequence alignment
{d3, javascript, html5, css3} @ 2013
Termite UI
interface and visualization to support interactive topic modeling
{angular, d3, javascript, html5, css3} @2014
heat map of road races in the DC area
Race Map
visualization of road race metadata
leaflet, javascript, html5, css3 @ 2014
data visualization of the results of hierarchical topic modeling
{angular, d3, javascript, html, css} @ 2014
Topic Flow
user interface and data visualization for exploring the evolution of topics in text
{d3, javascript, html, css} @ 2012
coordinated views for exploring text data by time, location, and discovered topics
{d3, leaflet, javascript, html, css} @ 2013


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